Department of Education confirms 14,482 Ukrainian pupils currently enrolled in Irish schools


Meraj Abid

Dublin-The Department of Education can confirm that as of 31 January, 14,482 Ukrainian pupils have been enrolled in schools across Ireland. Out of that figure, 9,334 of these pupils have been accommodated in primary schools while 5,148 pupils have enrolled in post-primary schools.
 Current data indicates an enrolment rate of 92% among Ukrainian children aged 5-18.
 To assist with the transition of Ukrainian students and their families into Irish schools Regional Education and Language Teams (REALT) continue to operate, hosted by the 16 regional education and training boards around Ireland and staffed by regionally-based education support personnel.
 These teams are ensuring that clear, accessible information flows are in place between schools, local education support services and national support structures in relation to people arriving from Ukraine.

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