Worldwide crackdown against dark web, more than 300 arrested


London: The international police Europol arrested more than 300 criminals from around the world while taking action against the dark web market.

According to reports, the arrested suspects belong to different countries, from whose possession drugs, heroin, ice and other narcotic drugs, weapons and cash have been recovered.

55 people were arrested from UK who were selling illegal goods, drugs on dark web.

Around the world, where the Europol police took action, they include the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, France, Switzerland, Poland, and Brazil.

153 suspects were arrested from the United States, while 55 from the United Kingdom, 52 from Germany, 10 from the Netherlands, 9 from Austria, five from France, two from Switzerland, and one each from Poland and Brazil.

The arrested persons were illegally buying and selling on the dark web through a platform called Monopoly Market, where the most dangerous drugs were also being bought and sold.

French law enforcement agencies and the National Crime Agency seized more than £43 million worth of illegal goods, including narcotics, including 850 kilograms of drugs, including 43 kilograms of ice, and more than 10 kilograms of narcotic pills. .

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