Powerful earthquake kills more than 300 in Morocco


RABAT – A devastating earthquake of magnitude 6.8 struck Morocco late Friday, demolishing buildings and jostling people awake across the High Atlas mountains, and so far over 300 people have been killed in the seismic activity.

US Geological Survey said that the epicenter of the quake was the High Atlas Mountains at a depth of 18.5km. The tremors were felt at 23:11 local time while there was a 4.9 aftershock some minutes later.

International media reported that casualties stand at around 300 while the number is expected to move up. The majority of casualties are said to be in hilly terrain that was hard to reach by rescuers.

Several buildings collapsed in the old city as shocking pictures of a fallen mosque minaret, and people sitting on roads were shared on social media.

As bone-chilling graphics started to surface, it showed the scale of damage inflicted by the earthquake that struck the North African nation overnight.

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