Pope Francis admitted the error


New Delhi: Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of Catholic Christians around the world, has admitted to bullying a classmate as a child for being overweight.

According to foreign media, the 86-year-old Pope Francis recently told a video conference with Indian, Pakistani and Nepali Christian students that the young boy was overweight and my actions forced my father to apologize to the boy later. .

Pope Francis also addressed issues including physical appearance and beauty standards.

During Pope Francis’ conversation, Merlin, a young woman from India, shared her personal experience of being criticized and ridiculed because of her weight. Because of this, she cried and was also hurt.

Pope Francis has been outspoken, addressing issues including physical appearance and beauty standards.

Economic development is possible through social development, Munir Akram

New York: Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Munir Akram, while expressing his views during the general discussion of social development in the General Assembly, said that economic development can only be achieved through social development. The world is insecure and vulnerable due to unequal distribution. Is. One in eight out of one billion people is poor. About 350 million people are hungry. Climate change and escalating conflicts have exacerbated the food, fuel and financial challenges facing developing countries like Pakistan. The world faces major challenges from the forces of corporate greed, nationalism, right-wing extremists and global elites. Real social progress will be difficult to realize without such reforms. Pakistan also fully endorses the UN Secretary General’s SDG stimulus package designed to protect developing countries from economic and financial distress.

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