Pakistan makes Hajj training mandatory for all pilgrims


ISLAMABAD: Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Senator Muhammad Talha Mahmood on Saturday said Hajj training was mandatory for all intending pilgrims and all the participants would be awarded certificates.

Addressing a press conference here at the Haji Camp Islamabad, he warned that if anyone did not attend the training session as per schedule, it would create issues for the intending pilgrims at the airport while proceeding to Saudi Arabia to perform the sacred obligation.

Shedding light on the significance of these training sessions designed for the intending pilgrims, the minister said it would help them in performing the Hajj rites in a more appropriate manner.

He said it was also necessary to be acquainted with the local rules and regulations of the host country so that they could have a peaceful and memorable journey to the holy land.

He said all intending pilgrims, being representatives of Pakistan, should express maximum restraint and good behaviour as there would be Muslims from every nook and cranny of the world.

He expressed his apprehension that in the past, the medicines used to provide the pilgrims during Hajj operations were not of good quality. “I have collected some samples of the medicines while visiting the Hajj medical mission here and these medicines would be sent to a laboratory to examine their quality,” he added.

The minister said if any medicine would be found of low quality, the company would be delisted and fined as well.

He further mentioned that he would hold a special audit of the quantity of the medicines to ensure that it was not lesser than the required number.

He said the main purpose of this entire exercise was to provide quality medicines to the pilgrims.

Talha told the media that he had never claimed to make state-of-the-art Hajj arrangements under his auspicious leadership this year clarifying that despite difficulties, he would try his best to provide ease and comfort to the pilgrims.

The minister, before briefing the media, also gave thought-provoking lectures to the male and female pilgrims under training here at the Haji Camp Islamabad separately.

He realized how these training sessions were important for them.

At the end, he also interacted with the Moavineen-e-Hujjaj under training there and urged them to be responsible while performing their duties during the entire Hajj operation.

On this occasion, the minister was informed that 36 Hajj assistants were not attending the training session without any prior information.

He directed that if they were not participating in the training session without any logical reasons, their nominations must be cancelled and others should be given a chance to serve the ‘Guests of Allah’.

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