Man sues biscuit company for one missing biscuit, wins Rs100,000


A court in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu has ordered the company to pay INR 100,000 as damages to the customer for missing one biscuit from the packet.

According to Indian media, when a person in Tamil Nadu opened a packet of biscuits from the well-known company, ITC Foods Limited, there was one biscuit missing.

The person went to the court and pleaded to be paid INR 1 crore in damages and argued that his credibility was hurt by cheating and earned illegal profit.

On this, the court summoned the representatives of ITC Foods Limited and sought an explanation as to why 15 biscuits instead of 16 came out in the packet of ‘Sun Feast Marie Light’. If there is one less biscuit in each packet, the company will gain millions.

According to Business Today, “P Dillibabu of MMDA Mathur, a resident of Chennai, purchased two dozen ‘Sun Feast Marie Light’ biscuits in Manalito to feed stray animals in December 2021. When he opened the packet, he was surprised that there were only 15 biscuits instead of 16, and when he went back to the store for an explanation, they did not give him a proper response. Even when he approached ITC, there was no explanation regarding one missing biscuit.”

In his complaint, he pointed out that the cost of each biscuit is 75 paise and ITC Ltd manufactures close to 50 lakh packets in a day, and back-of-the-envelope calculations would suggest that the company cheated the public of over INR lakh every day, stated, Business Today.

Representatives of the food company said that this must have happened by mistake. The rep claimed that “biscuits are packed not by counting but by weighing,” however, the court rejected this argument.

The court accepted the petitioner’s complaint and ordered the company to pay INR 1 lakh as damages to the customer and Rs 10,000 as litigation expenses.

In this way, one biscuit lost in the packet of biscuits cost ITC Foods Limited a whopping six figures of 100,000.

The Petitioner commented, “I had claimed one crore as damages, but whatever the decision of the court is, I accept it.”

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