London: Increase in knife attacks, student died


London: There is an increase in the number of stabbings in the UK.

Grieving families in London have warned that the failure to tackle stabbing crimes is becoming a national crisis.

The schoolgirl has become the 15th person to lose her life at a young age in the capital London this year. The heartbroken parents of 15-year-old Elaine Endham said her life was left in ruins when the high school student was stabbed in the neck.

She was attacked on her way to her school in Croydon, south London. The family is among 14 other families.

Grieving the loss of a teenage son or daughter to crime and violence in London this year. 13 of them died of stab wounds. This appalling number has exceeded the total number of deaths in the previous year. Last year this number was 14. The year 2021 saw the highest number of juvenile homicide deaths recorded. Thirty children have been murdered this year. In light of the situation, activists fighting stabbing crime are calling on politicians to take action that has lasting impact. It is time for politicians to come together and put aside their partisan differences to discuss how to tackle this important issue. Former EastEnders actress Brooke Kinsella’s brother Ben was murdered in 2008. had gone. He said that stabbings are not an isolated issue but a symptom of deeper social problems and the failure of successive governments. Ben was stabbed to death 15 years ago. I have not seen any constructive change since then. It breaks my heart every time I hear about a family killing a child like this. What we need is lasting change. Continued funding has been supported by both major parties. Police in England and Wales recorded more than 2,000 knife attacks compared to last year, bringing the total to 50,489. During the last year ending March 2023, the number of such attacks was 48,204. Separate figures show that so far this year there have been almost 10,000 stabbing crimes in London alone.

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