India: 12 people killed, many injured in a fire in a firecracker shop


New Delhi: 12 people were killed and many injured after a fire broke out in a firecracker shop in the Indian state of Karnataka. The incident took place when a shopkeeper was transporting firecrackers from a truck to the shop when a box caught fire.

According to the police, due to crackers and firecrackers, the fire spread inside the shop causing further damage.

According to Indian media, as soon as the fire fighters came to know about the incident, they reached the firecrackers shop and started the fire extinguishing and rescue process.

According to the police, after the fire broke out in the firecrackers shop, the fire fighters took out 8 seriously injured people including 5 dead bodies from the shop.

Later, more injured died during the treatment. Due to the fire in the firecrackers shop, the death toll rose to 12. The dead belonged to the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Media reports are saying that due to the fire, two vehicles parked nearby including the shop were also burnt. Meanwhile, India At least 77 people have been confirmed dead in the floods in the north-eastern regions of India, and despite the water coming out of many areas, thousands of people have been cut off due to the destruction of roads and bridges. According to foreign media, a high And after a sudden burst of a glacial lake, the storm wreaked havoc. Scientists warned that similar disasters will become a threat in the Himalayas over time as global temperatures rise due to climate change. And the snow is melting. A total of 29 bodies have been recovered from various parts of Sikkim, State Relief Commissioner Anilraj Rai said. Police in Jalpaiguri district in neighboring West Bengal state told AFP that another 48 bodies had been recovered. .

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