High voltage match today, Hearts of Pakistani and Indian fans are beating irregularly


AHMEDABAD: The high voltage match of Cricket World Cup today, the hearts of cricket fans in Pakistan and India started beating irregularly.

The high-voltage match of the Cricket World Cup will be played today (Saturday) at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. In this regard, the Indian media has shared the details of the pitch and the weather.

The Indian media has told the person of the high voltage match of the Cricket World Cup that the batters will dominate the pitch of the Narinder Modi Stadium, here the batters dominated in the recent matches as well. According to the Indian media, the opening match of the World Cup was also played in Ahmedabad. According to the Indian media, the fast bowlers will get extra bounce and swing at the start of the match in Ahmedabad, while the spinners are expected to get help in the middle overs, but overall, the batsmen will play shots. I will be easy. Today is forecast to be hot and dry, tomorrow temperature is likely to go up to 36 degrees Celsius. According to Indian media, hot and humid weather is also predicted for tomorrow’s match day.

The high voltage match between Pakistan and India will start today at 1.30 PM Pakistan time.

Strict security arrangements have been completed for the high-voltage India-Pakistan match of the World Cup. According to the Ahmedabad police, special drones will be flown around the stadium. According to the Ahmedabad police, the drones have kept an eye on the 5 km area around the stadium. On the other hand, PCB Management Committee Chairperson Zaka Ashraf met the Pakistan Cricket Team in Ahmedabad, Zaka Ashraf motivated and encouraged the team to perform well in the World Cup. Zaka Ashraf said that you are the heroes of the country and everyone in Pakistan is praying for you. Babar Azam said that everyone’s attention is focused on performing well in the World Cup, while Western Railway ran a special train for the match. According to Indian media, a super fast special train ran from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, a special train from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. According to the Indian media, the special train will bring the cricket fans back to Mumbai from Ahmedabad after the match.

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