EC : Number of national and provincial seats remains unchanged, preliminary list released


Islamabad: The Election Commission of Pakistan has published the lists of preliminary constituencies for national and provincial assemblies.

According to the Election Commission, after the approval of the Chief Election Commissioner and the members, the ECP published the preliminary constituencies of the national and provincial assemblies. Suggestions and objections on the constituencies can be filed from Thursday to October 27, while objections can be filed from October 28 to November 26. Will deal with

According to the Election Commission, the final publication of constituencies will be on November 30. To file objections, one must be a voter of the respective constituency.

According to the Election Commission, the preliminary constituency maps are available on the website.

The district maps can be obtained from the Election Commission on payment of the necessary fee. Objections by courier post and fax will not be accepted, objections must be submitted under Rule 12 of the Election Act, 2017. It has already announced general elections across the country in the last week of January 2024. No changes have been made in the seats of the National and Provincial Assembly, constituencies have been made according to the population ratio. 266 seats of the National Assembly and 297 seats of the Punjab Assembly have been made. 130 seats of Sindh, 51 of Balochistan and 115 of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have been added while the first constituency of National Assembly will be NA 1 Chitral and the last NA 266 Qila Abdullah and Chaman. The first constituency of Punjab Assembly will be PP 1 Attock and the last constituency PP. 297 will be Rajanpur. The first constituency of Sindh Assembly will be PS 1 Jacobabad and the last constituency will be PS 130 Central Karachi. There are 297 provincial assembly seats in Punjab, the quota of one provincial assembly seat is 4 lakh 29 thousand 929. The population of Sindh is 5 crore 56 lakh 96 thousand 147, the number of seats in the National Assembly in Sindh is 61, the quota of one seat in the National Assembly in Sindh is 9 lakh 13 thousand 52. There are 130 seats in the Provincial Assembly in Sindh, one in the Provincial Assembly in Sindh. The seat quota is 4 lakh 28 thousand 432. The number of seats in National Assembly of Karachi is 22, Sindh Assembly seats are 47 in 7 districts of Karachi. The population of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is 4 crore 856 thousand 97, the seats of the National Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are 45, the quota of one seat of the National Assembly is 9 lakh 7 thousand 913, the province has 115 seats of the provincial assembly, the quota of one seat of the provincial assembly is 3 55 thousand 270 lakhs.

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