Yashma Gill also got golden visa of UAE


LAHORE: Well-known actress Yashma Gill has also managed to get her name registered in the list of famous personalities who got golden visa of United Arab Emirates.

In one of her posts on Instagram, Yashma Gill informed her fans that she has been awarded the Golden Visa of the UAE.

In the caption of her post, Yashma Gill said, “Thank you Dubai for giving me the opportunity to call my second home.”

Yashma Gill also thanked the people who helped in getting this visa.

Yashma Gill’s fans are congratulating her on getting a visa. Earlier, Humayun Saeed, Ali Zafar, Sana Javed, Umair Jaiswal, Shadab Khan, Azam Khan, Saba Qamar and other popular personalities of Pakistan have also received golden visa of UAE. I can do business, live and study without any national sponsor.

Prasana Khan is silent on Rakhi Sawant becoming a Muslim

Mumbai: The former Indian actress Sana Khan, who said goodbye to Bollywood for the sake of religion, was asked a question about Rakhi Sawant’s conversion to Islam, to which she refused to answer while suffering from a conflict. Recently, an Indian journalist Sana Khan was asked that ‘the way you have left the showbiz industry and brought change in yourself, it is really admirable, so what would you like to say about Rakhi Sawant becoming a Muslim?’ She is pretending to be a Muslim and also making fun of Islam, so what will you say about this? On this question, Sana Khan was conflicted and said, ‘I will not say anything on such controversial issues. Don’t ask me anything about this. After Sana Khan’s silence, her husband Mufti Anas, who stood by her, responded to the journalist’s question and said, “Sana has no knowledge about this matter, you are from Sana.” Just ask about them.

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