Will change our film’s schedule for Mahira Khan’s marriage: Humayun Saeed


KARACHI: Humayun Saeed, one of Pakistan’s foremost actors, directors, and producers, has made a heartfelt commitment to accommodate Mahira Khan’s wedding plans, should she decide to tie the knot.

In his recent interview with a news outlet, the accomplished actor revealed that Khan would be the leading lady in his upcoming project, and he would readily adjust the film’s schedule to accommodate her wedding if she announced it.

When asked about the potential impact of the Superstar diva’s marriage on their upcoming movie, Humayun responded confidently, stating that there would be no issue whatsoever. He asserted, “I will change the shooting schedule.” Reflecting on their successful on-screen chemistry in “Bin Roye,” he expressed his optimism about their upcoming collaboration, predicting that it would also be a blockbuster.

During the interview, Saeed also shared his perspective on social media and its influence on his life. He emphasized that his primary focus remains on his work, and social media does not disrupt his professional endeavours. Furthermore, he disclosed his ongoing collaborations with talented actresses Sajal Aly and Yumna Zaidi on various projects, highlighting his commitment to the entertainment industry.

Recent social media chatter has been abuzz with reports of Mahira Khan’s potential second marriage, although she has yet to confirm or deny these rumours, leaving fans and the media eager for updates.

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