Why are Salman Khan’s fans worried?


New Delhi: Super hero fans are upset after watching a video of Indian superhero Salman Khan dancing. A video of Dabangg Khan has gone viral on social media in which he performed one of his famous dance moves on stage at the birthday function of a big industrialist’s grandson. Dancing to the song.

Salman Khan looks tired in the video and his dance also lacks the movement and elegance for which he is known.

After the video came out, Salman Khan’s fans became worried about his health. Advice for the megastar of Bollywood poured in on social media.

A Madhuh advised Salman Khan to focus on his health and take a break from work after the release of Tiger 3. Another fan said that due to health problems, he had to close the gym for a few months.

A fan of Salman Khan also expressed concern over his increased weight and said that the brother looks tired, how come he is so down, the fans expressed hope that he will take care of his health and soon be back in full form. Will appear back.

Boney Kapoor breaks silence on Sridevi’s death

Mumbai: Famous Indian producer Boney Kapoor broke his silence after 5 years on the charge of killing his wife and superstar Sridevi. In a recent interview with Indian media, Boney Kapoor said that the death of the actress was not natural but accidental and she had to undergo various tests to get a clean chit from the Dubai police. There was pressure but they soon realized that there was no wrongdoing on my part. According to Boney Kapoor, Sridevi had ruined her health due to the strictest diet and she often starved herself to look smart. Clear. It should be noted that in 2018, Sridevi lost her life after drowning in a bathtub in a hotel in Dubai.

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