Sehar Khan likes tall boys, told clearly about marriage


Lahore: The beautiful actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Sehar Khan has revealed that there is no prince of her dreams and she is not thinking of marriage yet.

Actress Sehar Khan participated in a private TV program where she talked about her acting, career and marriage.

On the question of marriage during the show, Sehar Khan immediately replied that now, now where, I have a lot to think about at this time, so I am not thinking about marriage, tall boys look better.

Sehar Khan said that one of the qualities of the prince of my dreams is that he loves his family.

Sehar Khan said that earlier I did not take things with invisible “Jin” etc. very seriously, then an incident happened to me, after which I became afraid and started taking them seriously.

Shanira told Pakistanis a simple solution to be happy

Karachi: World of Statistics has released a list of the unhappiest countries in the world, in which Pakistan is number 30. Shanira Akram, the wife of former captain Wasim Akram, shared these figures of World Statistics on her social account Instagram story. shared in which he told Pakistanis a simple solution to be happy. When Pakistan was ranked 30th among the unhappiest countries, Shanira Akram said that it is not too bad. He further wrote in his story that if we win cricket matches. To begin with, we would easily jump from 30th to 130th on the list of the unhappiest countries. Shanira Akram shared this data of World Statistics on her social account Instagram story.

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