Sandal Khattak became a victim of fraud in Saudi Arabia


RIYADH: Pakistani Tik Toker Sandal Khattak has become a victim of fraud in Saudi Arabia.

Sandal Khattak was allegedly defrauded by a Pakistani residing in Saudi Arabia for visa, the fraudster belongs to Lahore.

Sandal Khattak said that the concerned person takes the money and keeps the passport and shows the visa cancellation stamp and has collected 10,000 Rials for this work.

Sandal Khattak says that he will file a report against him in FIA.

On the other hand, FIA officials have said that after receiving Sandal Khattak’s complaint, action will be taken as per law.

Why did Aima Baig try to commit suicide?

LAHORE: Renowned singer Aima Baig has revealed that she tried to commit suicide some time ago due to depression and many serious accusations against herself because she did not want to live anymore. In the magazine interview, the singer said that she was suffering from severe effects of ‘arthritis’, she could not move her feet and hands from one place to another properly. They also had to take weight loss, debilitating and weight gain drugs, which further increased their depression levels. Aima Baig said that when her engagement broke off and the British model accused her of having an affair with her ex-boyfriend, she and her entire family were left in shock. According to Aima Baig, due to the criticism and accusations against herself, she suffered from severe depression and at the same time, she also tried to commit suicide, because she did not want to live. In those days, his father came to him and asked him to perform Umrah, after which his life changed. He said that after performing Umrah, his mental condition improved and he got spiritual peace.

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