Saeeda Imtiaz addresses “death controversy” in a interview


KARACHI ;Actress Saeeda Imtiaz, whose news of the fake death spread like wildfire, addressed that it was not a publicity stunt.

Saeeda Imtiaz has now made her first television appearance and shared that it was very upsetting for her. According to Imtiaz, she was not even coming out of her room.

She revealed that people came out at her house while many were scared even calling as they thought that she might have been murdered or something. Saeeda’s siblings panicked and she calmed them first when they called her that this has happened.

While talking about online bullying, she said that she was trolled a lot on social media and there were people who were saying that she may have overdosed on drugs while others thought that it may be a case of a broken heart.

Last month, Saeeda Imtiaz’s Instagram story and her Facebook page shared the sad news of her demise. The post read that she had been found dead in her room in the morning.

However, it turned out that the news is fake and her social media pages are allegedly hacked by her social media manager who had posted that fake news.

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