Deporting refugees won’t address Pakistan’s core problems: Sanam Saeed


The constrained removal of Afghan evacuees from Pakistan has as of late acquired critical consideration, drawing worry from common freedoms associations and compelling people. Among those raising their voices for empathy and leniency toward these dislodged people is Sanam Saeed, a conspicuous entertainer. On November 1, 2023, which denoted the cutoff time for every single “displaced person” to leave Pakistan, she took to Twitter to offer her viewpoints, encouraging the public authority to reevaluate its position.
In her tweet, Saeed underscored that effectively getting rid of those looking for sanctuary wouldn’t determine Pakistan’s basic issues. She brought up that this activity may be seen as an endeavor to redirect consideration from the difficulties the public authority and the nation are wrestling with. Besides, she focused on the meaning of showing more noteworthy empathy during these turbulent times around the world. Her tweet addresses a urgent part of the continuous discussion concerning the Afghan outcast emergency in Pakistan.

“Expelling evacuees who look for asylum here won’t kill our center difficulties. Maybe we are attempting to move center from the challenges the public authority and the nation are confronting. Particularly in the ongoing worldwide environment, we ought to exhibit more empathy,” she tweeted, alongside a hashtag coordinated at the Pakistani government.

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