Celebrities demand justice for Fatima Fariro


In a deeply saddening event, a 10-year-old domestic helper passed away under puzzling circumstances at a residence in Ranipur, located in Sindh province’s Khairpur district.

Local law enforcement has taken into custody Pir Asad Shah Jilani, the owner of the house. Additionally, DIG Sukkur Javeed Jiskani has ordered the suspension of SHO Ranipur due to alleged negligence in complying with orders to conduct a post-mortem examination.

Initial findings indicate that the unfortunate incident occurred within the confines of Pir Asad Shah Jilani’s residence. CCTV footage from the bedroom of the house has been acquired by the authorities, revealing the distressed state of the young girl named Fatima.

Disturbing signs of physical harm are clearly discernible on the victim’s body in other footage that gained traction on social media following the tragic occurrence. Here’s how many Pakistani stars have reacted:

Armeena Rana Khan stated how much the CCTV footage circulating on social media will haunt her forever.

Nadia Jamil posted a screenshot of the news and captioned “As per reports Fatima was among a group of young girls seemingly “trapped” in a state of captivity working the Pirs Haveli. The victims mother recounted that her daughter had suffered burns from a heated iron, had her hair forcibly pulled out leaving bald wounds on her scalp and was subjected to sexual assault. SHE ASSERTED that around 100 TEENAGE GIRLS WERE BEING HELD IN THE ROLE OF “MAIDS” BY THE PIR OF RANIPURS FAMILY. I it is uncovered that these girls are daughters of “mureeds”. Each mureed is obligated to send at least one young girl to serve the Pir. Similar to Fatima these girls are prohibited from contacting their families with rare parental visits only possible with the Pirs permission. On inspection is has been discovered that the families of the area are comfortable with not bearing the burden of raising a child as they were getting food, shelter, and a wage while working with the Pir. Noor Mohammad a relative of Fatimas family discloses that three girls from deceased Fatimas family aged between 10-12 were residing at Pir Asad Shahs family residence. He further noted that the other two girls have been returned since the incident. “

“I am Pakistani. I have always cared. So millions of others. We must all care enough to lift a finger and tweet. We must all care enough to raise a voice and be responsible citizens. We must all care enough to play our small part. Because small parts make the whole powerful.” she stated in another tweet.

Benazir Bhutto’s daughter, Aseefa BZ said “Disgusted to my very core at what happened to Fatima. The vile monster who inflicted so much pain should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. There needs to be a zero-tolerance policy for such cases and an end put to child labour.”

Bhakhtawar Bhutto Zardari noted that some are diverting responsibility from the deranged wrongdoer and are, instead, attempting to shift blame onto PPP. She highlighted that PPP stands as the sole party that has enacted legislation against both child labour and child marriage. She also said that the wrongdoer should be burned alive.

Mishi Khan posted a video with a caption “Hang these wretched people who murder & torture kids for their own sadistic satisfaction. My appeal to the Chief Justice & the Judiciary to urgently take notice of this menace & save these children from these evil monsters Pir Asad Shah”

Yumna Zaidi, Mahira Khan, Kinza Hashmi and Iqra Aziz took to their social media handles to express their sorrow.

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