Two holidays announced for Ashura 2024 in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD – The federal government has announced two-day holidays on Muharram 9 and 10 on the account of Ashura 2024 across the country.

Reports said a notification has been issued by the government, stating that public holidays will be observed on July 16 and 17 in the country.

All offices, markets, banks and educational places will remain closed during these two days across the country while emergency services will remain available.

The Central Ruet-i-Hilal Committee announced on Saturday that the Muharram moon had not been sighted in the country, so the first of Muharram will fall on Monday, July 8. Consequently, Ashura — the 10th of Muharram — will be observed on Wednesday, July 17, it said.

During the first Islamic month, special processions and gathers are held across the country to pay tribute to Hazrat Imam Hussan, Prophet Muhammad’s (Peace Be Upon Him) grandson, who was martyred in Karbla.

Given the heightened religious activity during the first 10 days of Muharram, authorities implement extra security measures. The Punjab government imposed Section 144 across the province, citing “potential threats to public tranquillity, sectarian harmony, and general law and order.”

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