Trains schedule affected due to heavy rains across country: CEO Railways


Chief Executive Officer Pakistan Railways Farrukh Taimur Ghilzai has said that the train schedule has been affected due to heavy rains.

In a statement, he said as soon as the flood situation comes under control, the timings of the trains will be restored.

He said that railway tracks and signaling system have been badly affected due to record rains across the country.

He informed that in some areas the entire tracks are submerged under water and driving a train in such a situation is not without danger.

Farrukh Taimur Ghilzai said that our first priority is to ensure safe travel for passengers. He said that driver cannot drive the train faster than a certain speed in the presence of water on the railway line and this is the main reason that trains are not arriving at their scheduled times.

He said that we are aware of the problems of the passengers, and we are working day and night to ensure that the schedule will restore soon to the normal routine.

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