Rev Majeed Abel visits affected Churches of Jaranwala Incident Financial assistance more than 100 families


An interfaith delegation headed by Reverend Dr. Majeed Abel, Nolakha Presbyterian Church Lahore, visited the Christian colony in Jaranwala and inspected the affected churches in order to express solidarity and spread the message of peace to the victims of Jaranwala tragedy.

Catholic Bishop, Moderator of Presbyterian Church, Leadership of Salvation Army Church, various Muslim and Christian leaders were present in the delegation.

The delegation, under the supervision of Dr. Majeed Abel, provided financial assistance to around a hundred affected families and made a detailed review of the construction and repair of the affected churches.

Later, while addressing the inter-annual gathering at the Celebration Marriage Hall near the Salvation Army Church, Dr. Majeed Abel said that we all strongly condemn the Jaranwala tragedy and we all must work together to prevent such incidents in the future. A coordinated strategy needs to be adopted so that no one can sow seeds of hatred among us. Dr. Majeed Abel praised the immediate action of the Punjab government on the instructions of the caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi, said that the miscreants along with the main accused being arrested, which was commendable. financial assistance to the affected families along with the restoration of the affected churches, a great step by the Government of the Punjab. It was also made possible while for the first time in history the cabinet meeting was held inside the church so as to fully express solidarity with the Christian community.

Muslim and Christian leaders from the gathering also strongly condemned the Jaranwala tragedy and emphasized on promoting the atmosphere of unity and brotherhood in order to prevent such incidents in the future. Solidarity was expressed from the community to discourage such elements who are hindering the establishment of peace in Pakistan, but the enemies of Pakistan should remember that we are all one and will always be one. At the end of the ceremony, special prayers were organized for the development and prosperity of Pakistan.

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