Punjab Governor directs officials to speed up diabetes awareness campaign among people.


Punjab Governor Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman directed concerned officials to speed up the diabetes awareness campaign among the people.

Addressing a ceremony in connection with World Diabetes Day, he urged people to adopt a healthy lifestyle for the prevention of diabetes.

He said that diabetes affects the main organs in the human body and causes the spread of various diseases.

He said that diabetes leads to diseases of the eyes and renal function.He emphasized that regular checkups can prevent this disease.

As the chancellor of universities, the Punjab Governor directed all vice-chancellors of universities to conduct awareness sessions regarding diabetes.

He was of the view that Pakistan is among the countries that consume more edible oils. He emphasized the need to implement the principle that prevention is better than cure.

He said that Pakistan is the largest country in the world in terms of the prevalence of diabetes.

Caretaker Punjab Minister for Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Dr Javed Akram said under the dynamic leadership of Punjab Governor Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman, Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine and Pakistan Society of Endocrinology will continue taking measures to spread awareness about diabetes.

He said Pakistan has only 85000 dialysis machines and we needed 550000 for medical.

He stressed that the child must not use fast food.

Earlier, Punjab Governor Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman and caretaker Punjab Health Minister Prof Dr Javed Akram led an awareness walk in connection with World Diabetes Day in Lahore today.

A screening camp was also established at Mall Road Lahore, where citizens could get the following tests: Blood sugar levels, HbA1C, Fasting lipid profile, Diabetic Retinopathy screening, Diabetic foot care, BP, Weight, BMI.

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