President commends role of Pakistan Navy in rescue, relief & rehabilitation of flood victims


President Dr. Arif Alvi has commended the role of Pakistan Navy in the rescue, relief and rehabilitation of flood victims.

Addressing the 5th Maritime Security Workshop (5th MARSEW 2022) at Naval War College in Lahore today, he said that a well-trained Navy is inevitable for the protection of maritime boundaries of the country.

Terming India as a belligerent country, the President expressed concern that India is spending hefty portion of its budget in defense sector to establish its hegemony in the region. In order to counter the domination of India, Dr. Arif Alvi appreciated the remarkable role of Pakistan Navy to safe their coastal waters.

The President stressed that an experienced and skillful human resource is unavoidable to compete the modern trends of the world.

In a bid to bring advancements in fisheries and make it a profitable entity, he underlined the need to install the modern tools and update the infrastructure while catching the fish from the ocean. He also underscored the example of Vietnam which had same fishing quantum in past, now having its sea food exports at ten billion dollars.

The President said that despite having a fragile economic condition, Pakistan gave shelter to four million Afghan refugees and advanced countries including Europe who consider themselves as a custodian of humanity they denied to provide shelter to refugees.

He said that Pakistan will be strengthen with strengthing democracy in the country.He identified that lack of qualified human resources, political delay in decisions, delay in implementation of decisions and corruption compromises are the basic factors of not progressing of country. He said that country cannot progress if political crisis prevails in the country. He said there are more breaks in our system which are mian hindrance of development of country.

Arif Alvi said that we have to move with world with its speed.

The President also distributed certificates among the participants of 5th MARSEW-22.

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