PP wants to end political role of army for generations : Bilawal


Lahore, Islamabad: Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto has said that PP wants to end the political role of the army for generations. The real problem is why the army is not helping him, Chairman PTI’s problems with the army started when the army decided to be apolitical.

In an interview to Arab TV yesterday, Bilawal Bhutto said that the main problem of Chairman PTI was that why the army is not helping. There are complete proofs of fraud in 2018. He also told who was involved. He said this is a proven fact. That in 2018, Imran Khan came to power with the help of some ex-military officers through rigging, civilian institutions should be strengthened, the country is moving towards democracy.

He said that the nation is angry about the events of May 9, but the majority of the people want to see the defense establishment as neutral. PPP has always challenged the dictatorship.

The foreign minister said that the international community should keep in touch with the government of Afghanistan, the Taliban government should also fulfill its promises to the international community. Pakistan’s position on the Afghan government is the same as that of the international community, they want to include Afghanistan on international issues, while Russia and Ukraine Want to remain neutral in the conflict.

He said that the biggest controversy is that our security is facing threats, especially from the TTP, we have seen that terrorist attacks have increased in Pakistan after the fall of Kabul, and we strongly request the Afghan authorities to take serious measures against such groups. I am, we had high expectations from the new government.

Bilawal Bhutto further said that Pakistan is facing difficult times and serious challenges, the Pakistani people will overcome these challenges with their courage and determination. Meanwhile, the Foreign Minister reached Lahore on a two-day private visit.

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