PITB & QAED Collaborate with British Council to Improve English Teaching Skills of Over 140K Primary School Teachers through TMS


English as a Subject for Teachers and Educators (EaSTE), an initiative of the Government of Punjab and the British Council, has achieved a significant milestone by enrolling a commendable cohort of 144,191 educators for the ‘Oral Communication’ module and 141,948 educators for the ‘Reading and Critical Thinking Skills’ module.

The initiative was launched on October 14, 2022, and is being executed in collaboration with the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development (QAED).

The EaSTE training has been successfully deployed at scale through the PITB-developed Training Management System (TMS). It has empowered over 140,000 dedicated Primary School Teachers (PSTs) from more than 32,000 Primary Schools to improve their English language teaching competencies. Primary School Teachers (PSTs) use the Learning Management System (LMS) to access the five modules online. These modules span over 2.5 years and enable the PSTs to deliver improved lessons proficiently. The Assistant Education Officers (AEOs) provide support, mentorship, and conduct regular evaluations by visiting schools twice a month to assess the efficiency of Primary School Teachers (PSTs) in delivering lessons efficiently.

Primary School Teachers also participate in monthly Communities of Practice (CoP) online sessions thoughtfully facilitated by AEOs. These sessions provide an invaluable forum for in-depth discussions regarding ‘observed lessons’ and continuous professional development.

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