Pakistani child advances to finals of international Quran recital competition


With his lovely voice and exceptional recitation abilities, Pakistani youngster Hafiz Azam Tariq bin Hassan Zeib has advanced to the competition’s final round in Saudi Arabia. The reward for the winner is 200,000 riyals.

Hafiz Azam Tariq bin Hassan Zeib, a student at the religious school “Bait-ul-Salam,” which is overseen by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Government of Pakistan in Islamabad, is presently competing in the international Quran recitation competition, according to details. He qualified for the final round of the national Quran recitation competition by placing third.

It should be noted that the award for the competition’s winners are as follows:

200,000 Saudi Riyals for the first position

190,000 Saudi Riyals for second place.

180,000 Saudi Riyals for third place

170,000 Saudi Riyals for ffourth place.

160,000 Saudi Riyals for fifth place

At the age of 14, this young Hafiz from the Bait-ul-Salam campus is the only participant of Pakistan in this international contest. 

He has captured the interest of the Saudi media with his mesmerising recitation in his lovely voice and his extraordinary memorising abilities at a young age. 

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