Non-issuance of E-number, Thousands of workers are worried


KARACHI: Thousands of laborers are suffering due to non-issue of e-number for visa to Pakistanis going to Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association has also written a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to inform about the important issue that due to the non-issue of e-numbers for visas to Pakistanis going to Saudi Arabia, nurses, plumbers, drivers, machine operators, electricians, construction laborers, hairdressers are among the workers. , people associated with various sectors including private workers are facing problems. Due to non-issue of e-number, the date of thousands of medical reports is about to expire. There will also be an additional burden.

Adnan Paracha, spokesperson of Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association, says that Saudi Arabia is a close friend of Pakistan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should resolve the matter immediately.

Since e-numbers have not been issued for 4 months, remittances from Saudi Arabia have also decreased in the future.

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