NHMP starts issuing (CE) category driving license for the general public


For the first time ever in Pakistan, National Highways and Motorway Police has started issuing (CE) category driving license for the general public.

Drivers with (CE) category driving license will be eligible to drive long vehicle trailers.

The caretaker Federal Minister for Communications Shahid Ashraf Tarar inaugurated issuing of (CE) category driving license in a ceremony held at NHMP HTV Driving Test center Sangjani, Islamabad.

The Federal Secretary for Communications Khurram Agha, IG, NHMP Sultan Ali Khowaja, Additional Inspector General of Police, DIsG and other senior officers attended the ceremony.

The Federal Minister congratulates the IG, NHMP for achieving this significant milestone.

On this occasion the Federal Minister for Communications said that the issuance of (CE) category license by the Motorway Police is commendable as this will open new doors of opportunities particularly for our youth.

(CE) category driving license will provide excellent employment opportunities in Middle East, USA, Canada and in Europe, which will be resulted in huge amount of remittances to Pakistan. He further said that it’s my wish that maximum (CE) category driving licenses should be issued to the youth in minimum time along with their training and capacity building. The inclusion of this category in the HTV driving license for the general public will be an important milestone.

All possible measures are being taken to tackle the challenges faced by the Motorway Police and to further improve the operational capacity. I will play an active role for the increase in the salary of Motorway Police. Motorway Police has brought a significant reduction in traffic accidents through its best strategies and hard work. On this occasion IG, NHMP Sultan Ali Khowaja said that initially driving license for this category will be issued from HTV Test Center Sangjani, Islamabad. (CE) category driving license will be helpful in the effort to make the highways more safer. National Highways and Motorway Police target is to issue (CE) category driving license to three to five thousand youth by next year. This driving license will have equal importance at the national and international level. It will be possible to obtain a (CE) category driving license only after a transparent and rigorous examination process.

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