Mashaal Malik appealed for boycott of G20 meeting in Srinagar


ISLAMABAD: Chairperson Peace and Culture Organization Mashaal Hussain Malik has said that the Hindutva government led by Narendra Modi has established Hindu militias to terrorize Kashmiri Muslims and suppress the ongoing freedom struggle of Kashmiris, notorious in occupied Kashmir. A modern armed and trained Hindu militia consisting of 5,000 militants of the RSS has been established.

In a statement, he said that Kashmir’s freedom movement has entered a decisive phase. India wants to divert the attention of the world from Kashmir’s freedom movement.

The Chairperson said that BJP wants to advance its divisive and bloody agenda in Occupied Kashmir. The move to arm Hindus with the criminal intention of thwarting the legitimate freedom movement of Kashmiris will increase sectarian tensions in the disputed region, where Kashmir is the most heavily deployed region with one soldier for every eight people.

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