London: Woman offers marriage to Imran Khan


London : London-based lady Jaya Khan expressed her love for Chairman PTI Imran Khan and wished to become his fourth wife. Attending Abrar-ul-Haq’s concert in London, Jaya Khan while talking to a journalist told Imran Khan. Offered marriage.

Jiya Khan said that I want to break Imran Khan’s marriage and become his fourth wife.

The woman said that there is a relationship line for me in UK but I am still single because I have to marry only Imran Khan, if Imran Khan marries me then we both can live a good life.

Jiya Khan said that Imran Khan is a brave man, I have been in love with him for 2 years.

On the question of Imran Khan’s love for Bushra Bibi, Jaya Khan said that every man talks like this before meeting another woman, he will change his mind after meeting me.

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