Hajj 2024: Here’s official response to your queries related to Sponsorship Scheme, Short Hajj


ISLAMABAD – The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has clarified different queries regarding the upcoming Hajj to facilitate the pilgrims.

In a video posted to the social media account of the ministry on Monday, the spokesperson clarified that to proceed to Hajj, the applicant must have a valid Pakistani passport.

‘Passport of any country except Pakistan is not acceptable for this year’s Hajj,’ clarified the spokesperson.

The official highlighted that those applying through the Sponsorship Scheme can change their ‘Maktab’ to category C by paying an additional $300 while regular applicants can not change their ‘Maktab’.

‘Those opting Long Hajj package would have their flights scheduled before those who opt for the Short Hajj,’ said the spokesperson and added that those going on the Short Hajj Package would have their flights scheduled after the 15th  Zu al-Qa’dah.

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