First air ambulance service set to launch on CM Maryam’s orders


CM says the air ambulance service will start in June


Following directives from Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the province has initiated its inaugural air ambulance service. The rescue personnel have commenced training sessions in preparation for the service.

The primary objective of this air ambulance initiative is to extend coverage to districts in Punjab lacking rescue services. In its initial phase, rescue staff are undergoing rigorous training sessions. The Punjab Government has secured the lease of aircraft for the air ambulance service.

Government sources reveal that these aircraft will play a crucial role in transporting patients, particularly those with head injuries or multiple traumas requiring urgent medical attention.

It has been identified that certain districts in South Punjab and East Punjab lack adequate specialized healthcare infrastructure. To address this gap, the air ambulance service will be deployed, particularly in remote areas such as Bhakkar, Mianwali, and Bahawalnagar, among others. These aircraft will be fully equipped to facilitate immediate patient transfer, potentially saving lives.

Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif has been provided with a comprehensive briefing on the initiative by the Planning and Development Department.

Furthermore, the air ambulance service will have the capability to retrieve patients from motorways, with runways in cities like Lahore and Multan facilitating operations. Efforts are underway to finalize arrangements with civil aviation authorities to enable emergency landings in these cities, ensuring safe patient transportation.

According to rescue sources, this air ambulance serves various emergency purposes. It can aid in detecting flood-affected areas during inundations, facilitating the evacuation of trapped individuals and enhancing rescue coverage.

Additionally, in the event of a fire, it enables more accurate estimation and facilitates more effective rescue operations.

The first training session for Pakistan and Punjab’s first air ambulance service has been launched as per the message on social networking site X.

The chief minister said that the first air ambulance service in Pakistan and Punjab will start in June.
In her post on social media platform X, the chief minister said the first training session for the first air ambulance service had started and the service would start in June.

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