Direction of the cyclone has changed, threat alert issued to Pakistani and Indian coasts


KARACHI: A weather depression has taken the form of a storm over the Southeast Arabian Sea. Currently, this storm is moving towards northeast and is about 890 km away from Karachi. Its intensity is likely to increase further.

This storm has been named Biparjoy. According to Chief Meteorologist Sardar Sarfraz, Biparjoy is now heading towards the coast of Pakistan and India, but it is not clear which coast this storm will hit, but it will be clear after 24 hours. Where will the hurricane go?

He said that the storm is likely to affect the coastal areas of Balochistan and Oman or the coast of Gujarat and Sindh. Sardar Sarfaraz said that in both cases, the effects of the storm will remain on the 1100 km belt of Pakistan, strong winds, stormy winds. Due to rains and floods in the sea, water can enter the low-lying areas.

According to Chief Meteorologist Sardar Sarfaraz, the cyclone may hit the coast on the night of June 14 with winds of 80 to 100 kmph.

Sardar Sarfraz said that after the cyclone hit, the effects remain in the nearby coastal areas for 3 days with the possibility of heavy rains. Bangladesh has given the name Biparjoy to this cyclone, which is a Bengali word that means sudden. The impending catastrophe. This name was added to the list by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) countries in 2020.

According to the Department of Meteorology, 25 to 30 feet high waves are rising around the system while it will take another 36 to 48 hours to assess the direction of the storm. Apart from this, the storm will hit the coast of Oman, the Indian state of Gujarat, Sindh and Balochistan. There is a possibility of flooding and higher than normal waves in the sea.

According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of rain with thunder on the coastal belt of Sindh and Balochistan on June 13 or 14. The Meteorological Department has advised the fishermen to avoid going into the sea till June 12.

On the other hand, in view of the storm Bepar Joy, the Commissioner Karachi imposed Section 144 on going into the sea.

According to the notification, there will be a ban on bathing and hunting in the sea. Fishermen in the sea are also at risk. The ban will be imposed for a fixed period from June 11. Danger of typhoon is on high alert. Holidays of government employees have been canceled for fishermen. According to the instructions not to go hunting and park the boats along the coast, in view of the threat of Cyclone Biparjoy, an alert has been issued by the administration in the coastal areas in which it is said that the direction of the cyclone is towards Sindh In order to deal with this situation, the holidays of all the employees of the concerned department have been canceled and they have been instructed to remain alert.

All institutions including the Health Department, PPHI Badin E and B Indus Hospital Badin Local Government have been instructed to complete precautionary measures in advance. They should keep themselves safe in safe places until the storm abates and all citizens should make every possible effort to protect themselves and their families from the damage of the storm by strictly following the instructions issued by the Sindh Provincial Disaster Management Authority.

The shadows of fear are deepening among the people of the coastal areas of Sindh due to the reports received from the media and various sources, including the rumors of the hurricane hitting the coastal areas of Sindh. Fishermen have started anchoring their boats on the shore.

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