DG Literacy Prioritizes Enrolling Out-of-School Children, Focusing on Education & Technical Training for Overage Students


A Japanese delegation met with Dr. Khurram Shahzad, the Director General of the Literacy Department. Representatives from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) also participated in this meeting.

The delegation received a comprehensive briefing on the Literacy Department, with a particular focus on the educational initiatives supported by JICA.

During the meeting, discussions centered on enhancing and expanding existing projects, as well as exploring the possibility of launching new ones. A mid-term review of these projects was also conducted during the discussions.

The Japanese delegation expressed their appreciation for the progress and performance of the educational projects supported by JICA.

In addition, both the Director General of Literacy and the JICA Mission discussed various strategies to increase the number of District Monitors and Literacy Mobilizers.

Their goal is to achieve a 100% literacy rate by 2030, improve the teacher training system, enhance the capacity building of teachers and students, and focus on expanding capacity-building efforts.

The JICA Mission praised the performance of Punjab’s Literacy Department, noting that it outperformed other provinces.

They commended the department’s excellent work in non-formal education and its commitment to JICA-supported educational projects. Dr. Khurram Shahzad, the DG Literacy, informed the JICA Mission that they are actively working to enroll out-of-school children, particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds. Special attention is being given to educating older children who have missed out on schooling opportunities.

The Japanese delegation emphasized the importance of expanding non-formal education initiatives in Pakistan, with a particular focus on technical education in non-formal schools. They also discussed plans to digitize the monitoring framework and develop a primary-level module for technical education.

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