Deputy Pakistani delegate to UN informed world about huge danger!


New York: Pakistan has stated that international organized crime is a major threat to international peace and human security. Pakistan’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Muhammad Amir Khan, in the General Assembly on information and communication for crime prevention and criminal justice and criminal purposes. Addressing the use of technology, he said that Pakistan is continuing its sincere efforts to provide technical assistance to UNODC to improve the normative, institutional and operational framework of member countries to fight international organized crime.

Deputy Delegate Mohammad Amir Khan said that in today’s world, we find ourselves in an increasingly complex global landscape that is characterized by multiple and diverse challenges. Conflicts around the world continue to displace countless people, contributing to the global trend of forced migration.

Deputy Delegate Muhammad Amir Khan said that climate change, with its devastating effects, provides new opportunities for organized crime groups to infiltrate weak legal systems, and the expansion of the digital space provides them with new opportunities. Recently, the world has seen an increase in hate crimes, Islamophobia and other provocative acts that incite intolerance and violence based on race, religion or belief. We emphasize the importance of mutual respect for religious and cultural beliefs

Deputy Permanent Representative Mohammad Amir Khan said that other forms of international organized crime, particularly money laundering, cybercrime, corruption, human trafficking and smuggling, continue to pose formidable challenges to our countries.

Deputy Permanent Representative Muhammad Amir Khan further said that under Pakistan’s Anti-Money Laundering Act 2010, an independent financial monitoring unit was established to deal with money laundering and terrorist financing.

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