The Capital City Police Officer of Lahore, Bilal Siddique Kamyana, conducted late-night visits to four police stations within the provincial capital. During his inspections, CCPO Kamyana thoroughly examined the facilities at Batapur, Manawan, Harbanspura, and Ghaziabad police stations, encompassing record registers, lock-up rooms, police barracks, and the front desk’s application records.

CCPO Bilal Siddique Kamyana expressed his dismay regarding the subpar sanitation conditions in these police stations and promptly instructed for the consistent cleaning of washrooms and improved lighting arrangements. He emphasized the need for a pleasant environment, recognizing that better sanitation in police stations and offices plays a vital role in providing basic facilities to individuals in remand. He also directed that clean drinking water and adequate seating be provided for detainees, underscoring the top priority of addressing citizens’ concerns promptly.

In addition, CCPO Kamyana emphasized the importance of treating citizens with respect and courtesy, urging officers and officials to view serving civilians as a personal duty. He specifically highlighted the presence of Station House Officers (SHOs) in police stations to aid citizens and stressed that these surprise visits, aimed at evaluating police station performance, will continue. The ultimate goal is to enhance the measures in place for ensuring justice for citizens within police stations.

CCPO Kamyana further mentioned that emergency construction and repairs are underway to improve the working environment of these police stations. This, he believes, will not only enhance service quality but also contribute to the primary responsibility of the Lahore Police that is to safeguard the lives and property of its citizens.

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