Bilawal Bhutto’s important statement on climate crisis


KARACHI: Chairman of People’s Party and Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that rains have started in Pakistan since this April due to weather changes.

Poor nations are forced to bear the brunt of the climate crisis created by rich countries. At present, there is a flood situation in the rivers and canals of different areas of the country including Balochistan.

The victims of the record rains during the last monsoon are still waiting for help. The foreign minister stressed that all the relevant institutions and authorities, including NDMA, should be alert all the time in view of the rains.

He appealed to the public to take precautionary measures during the rains. He prayed that Allah Ta’ala would save Pakistan from all calamities.

He also issued instructions to the party workers to stay in touch with the administration for relief work in their respective areas.

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