APS tragedy and May 9 incident brought nation together: Kamran Tesori


Lahore: Sindh Governor Kamran Tesuri has said that where politics collides with the state, some things look the same, Altaf Hussain’s issue is not with politics, it is with the state.

In an interview, he said that the same mistake was made by PTI, which made its voters and supporters fight with the state. And recognized.

He said that people recognize you in the world only because of the state. The APS incident of 16th December happened there and the whole nation and all the stakeholders became one. This one incident united all the people.

He said that the incident of May 9 has also united the entire nation. Not only the memorials of the martyrs were destroyed and burnt, but Jinnah House was also burnt. In it, the mosque and the building of Radio Pakistan in Peshawar were burnt, Dr. Israr Ahmed had already said 20 years ago that he was being brought and was being brought under a plan. After the incident of May 9, he was exposed. Mehmood Qureshi and Jahangir Tareen put their blood and sweat as much as other leaders.

He said that politicians should do politics. Everyone has understood that one person has put the honor of everyone at stake. After 75 years after the May 9 incident, the people will have to be assured again that we are true Pakistanis. Now I don’t see Imran Khan’s future in politics, now do welfare work but don’t plot, we should first make our internal policy so that an incident like May 9 does not happen in the future. This time the enemy did not attack our borders but inside. Since then, people have been developed, social media teams have been developed.

He said that I asked the MQM factions to come together and fix Karachi instead of fixing themselves. MQM has learned from its mistakes and tried to move forward and everyone has come together. If you fight, you will lose yourself. No matter how much iftar dinner was held in the Governor’s House, not a single rupee was spent by the government.

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