Agriculture Sector contributes significantly to the GDP of country’s economy: Dr. Kausar Abdullah Malik


Caretaker Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research, Dr. Kausar Abdullah Malik says the agriculture sector plays an important role in the country’s economy, and Pakistan is known for its major crops like wheat, rice, and cotton.

Addressing the Round Table Conference by the Centre for Public Policy and Governance at Forman Christian College University in Lahore today, he said that food security is our priority and efforts are underway to improve agricultural practices, increase crop yields, and ensure access to nutritious food for all.

He said that the agriculture sector in Pakistan provides employment opportunities to a significant segment of society and contributes to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country.

He said that the caretaker government has taken various measures to increase agricultural production in the country, such as improving the irrigation system, promoting modern farming techniques, and providing subsidies to farmers.

Moreover, efforts are being made to address challenges like water scarcity, climate change, and post-harvest losses.Dr. Kausar Abdullah Malik said that the purpose of these initiatives is to ensure food security and sustainable agricultural development in the country.

The Caretaker Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research, Dr. Kausar Abdullah Malik said that the government has several plans to improve the agriculture sector, including investing in research and development (R&D), promoting mechanization, enhancing the irrigation system, and providing financial assistance to farmers.

He added that the government is also focusing on improving seed quality, implementing climate-smart agriculture practices, and strengthening agricultural extension services.He said that the purpose of these steps is to increase production capacity, raise farmers’ income, and ensure food security.Dr. Malik sais that improved agricultural practices and increased productivity will lead to higher crop yields, ensuring a stable food supply for the population.

He added that this will help enhance food security and reduce dependence on imports.The Minister said that overall, these government efforts will boost the economy and reduce poverty.

Caretaker Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research, Dr. Kausar Abdullah Malik said the country’s economy is the path of the right trajectory and reforms in the agriculture sector is the prime priority of the caretaker government.

He said that the government is providing all-out possible facilities to the farmers and gives subsidies to agriculture products.

He said that we have to adopt the latest technologies for food security and to increase per acre production.

He stressed to prepare the varieties of seed that will compete the challenges due to climate change.The Caretaker Minister said that Pakistan is blessed with resources and stressed for its optimal utilisation.

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