43rd day of Kaccha Operation , police take control of Mira Lathani


Rajanpur, Jampur: Entering the 43rd day of Grand Kuccha operation, Hollis troops equipped with modern weapons and sharp armored vehicles advanced towards the interior areas of Kutch Moro, a dangerous and difficult area of Kutch.

The bandits who escaped inside the forest by completely encircling the forests are being pursued.

RPO Dera Ghazi Khan under the command of Captain Retd Sajjad Hasan Khan and DPO Rajanpur Mohammad Nasir Sial are on the front line in the operational area of Kachha with fresh police forces equipped with modern weapons and sharp armored vehicles. against the infamous kidnapping for ransom, theft, robbery, robbery and other serious crimes including Guri Imrani, pit gang and their supporting criminal gangs and hidden criminals hiding in the ambushes, fronts and trenches of terrorist elements. The most dangerous and difficult area is continuous advance in the interior and forests of the Kucha Moro.

Stiff resistance is going on from the bandits. The policemen are taking safe positions and fierce exchange of fire is going on. The search operation has been completed in the cleared areas of Kaccha Moro, which is under the complete control of the police.

A number of pickets and camps have been established to clear the no-go area from criminal elements.

So far, 7 bandits have been killed, 18 have been arrested, 13 bandits have surrendered to the police for fear of being killed, while 9 hostages have been recovered. RPO Captain Retired Sajjad Hasan Khan said. That the dacoits and criminals hiding in the jungles of Kacha Moro had no other option but to surrender.

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