Secretary EPD Directs To Speed up Anti Dengue Drive across the Province


Secretary Environment Protection Department (EPD) Punjab Dr. Naeem Rauf has directed to speed up the anti-dengue campaign in all over Punjab and while issuing strict warning to officers concerned that not even a single negligence will be tolerated. 

During the filed visit for anti-dengue campaign, Secretary Dr. Naeem Rauf inspected an under construction building in Gulberg Town area where dengue larvae was present in massive quantity. During the visit, Dr. Naeem directed the director EDH Naseem Shah to speed up the anti-dengue campaign and directed to take strict legal action where dengue larvae will be found. He further directed that the premises where dengue larvae will be found will not be opened again until the responsible would not clear the premises from dengue larvae and they would also submit a legal affidavit or undertaking that such act of negligence would be happened again. 

Secretary EPD Punjab Dr. Naeem Rauf said that anti-dengue squads and district officers environment they are all playing their vital role to eradicate the dengue larvae. Dr. Naeem Rauf said that he himself came out and joined the teams so that he himself could check the anti-dengue measures taken by the anti-dengue squads. He said that masses role is most necessary and they need to be educated at all levels that how they could play their role so that don’t become the source for its breeding. 

Spokesman EPA Punjab Sajid Bashir said that so far anti-dengue squads of EPD Punjab have inspected 169858  sites in entire Punjab and issued 1102  notices and dozens of FIRs have been registered from January 2022 to June 2022. From 1st June to till date (22nd June 2022) 26959 places have been inspected by anti-denue squads and 141 notices have been issued while the squads removed 551 source from the sites. 

Sajid Bashir further added that Director EDH Naseem Shah have been heading the entire dengue campaign in Punjab and under his supervision townwise squads on every district have been operating. 

Bashir added that nine squads have been checking dengue larvae in all nine towns of provincial capital and they have five domains including petrol pumps, cng stations, service stations, under construction sites and warehouses. The squads disptaced from the offices at around 9 am and they check around 20 to 30 places each in their respective towns. Sajid Bahir added that the squads not only issuing the notices besides they are also educating the masses as they teach them how not to become a source for the dengue larvae potential site and also teach them the removal procedure of dengue larvae. 

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