GoPb committed to protect environment of province in collaboration with line departments :Dr. Naeem Rauf


Earth is home to not just humans but millions of other plants and species. The water and air on the earth make it possible for life to sustain. The Earth provides us with multitudes of natural resources like oil, metals, precious stones and minerals. However, these resources are limited, and humans should be careful to conserve these resources. Due to human greed for success and power, the Earth’s pollution levels are increasing at a dramatic pace, and the safety of the planet is at major risk.
These remarks were issued by Secretary Environment Protection Department (EPD) Punjab Dr. Naeem Rauf on World Environment Day 2022 Seminar held at Government College University (GCU) Lahore jointly held in collaboration with GCU and WWF Pakistan.
Honourable Mr. Justice Shahid Karim was the chief guest on this occasion while GCU Vice chancellor Mr. Asghar Zaidi, Director General EPA Punjab Anbreen Sajid, Prof. Dr.Faiza Sharif Director ORICGCU Lahore, Dr. Masood Arshad
Senior Director Footprint, senior officials of Environment Punjab and large number of students were present on this occasion.
Talking to the seminar participants, Secretary EPD Punjab Dr. Naeem Rauf said that Government of Punjab is committed to protect environment of the province in collaboration with line departments like Industries, Transport and Energy Department. In the recent past, Environment Protection Department has successfully achieved its target aiming conversion of old technology brick kilns to zigzag technology brick kilns, Dr. Naeem added. He also informed the participants that EPD Punjab has launched another flagship program named “Punjab Green Development Program” with the assistance of World Bank. The implementation of this program will strengthen environmental governance in Punjab and provide incentives to the industrial units on adopting cleaner production technologies. This program will also introduce eco friendly busses. He said that Punjab government is working to promote greener and ecof friendly technologies in Punjab and Environment Department would implement it jointly with support of allied departments and general pubic.
In his concluding remarks, Secretary Environment Dr. Naeem Rauf said that he hope that today’s event will be helpful for all of you and will mark reflection in your professional duties and personal responsibilities as “There is only one Earth and we have to put forward all our efforts for its protection”
Talking to the seminar participants, Chief Guest Mr. Justice Shahid Karim stressed on the need to save and recycle the water and said that every person must have to come forward in this noble cause. Its not only the duty of public institioins but every single individual have to come forward and play its role, Mr. Shahid Karim added.
Justice Shahid Karim further added that under water commission a number of practical initiatives have been implemented including car wash recycling water systems, ablution water aid that during past few months Water Commission and his members have implemented various water related plans to safe / recycle and reuse the water via Punjab Government.
Mr. Justice Shahid Karim said that the commission also imposed complete ban on plastic bags and its drive is still continue furthermore, a number of waste water treatment plants have been installed in multinational industries in Lahore.
He asked the students to join hands and inform water commission if they notice any violation of environmental by-laws.
During the panel discussion, Director General Anbreen Sajid, Vice Chancellor Asghar Javed, WWF Senior Director, Dr Faiza of GCU and others stressed upon on the need of better and clean environment and it can only be possible if every single person will join hands and world jointly with public sector.
They further added that there are billions of people on this earth but Earth is only one and these billions of people have to come forward and play their role to tackle the issues regarding environment.
Meanwhile, In all over Punjab, rallies and seminars were organized at district levels jointly with educational institutes, NGOs, and other allied government departments.
Every year on June 5, World Environment Day is observed across the world to raise awareness about degrading environmental conditions and to encourage people to take positive environmental actions and help create a better future. On this day, people from across the globe come together to clean up beaches, plant trees, and hold marches in an effort to revive what experts say is a planet on the precipice. To commemorate the occasion, more than 150 countries are slated to host environmentally-themed events on Saturday, part of an annual celebration of the Earth that dates back to 1973. Advocates are hoping this year’s World Environment Day will encourage a global effort to tackle what they describe as the rapid decline of the natural world
World Environment Day was established in 1972 by the UN General Assembly at the time of Stockholm Conference, first world conference with the environment as its major agenda. The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment declared the right to live in a healthy environment as a basic human right. The conference also saw the creation of the United Nations Environment Programme.

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