Ceremony helds at Nolakha Presbyterian Church of Pakistan


A ceremony was held in Nolakha Presbyterian Church of Pakistan in honor of Pakistani Christian and former Mayor of Rugby Dr. James Shera.

Reverend Dr. Majeed Abel while paying tribute to the services of Pakistani Christian said that Dr. Shira promoted the service of humanity around the world while he has received the stara Imtiaz from the Pakistani government and now he will be honored with the Quaid-e-Azam Hilal Award on March 25, which is a unique honor for the entire Pakistani nation, especially the Christian community.

Archbishop Sebastian Shah said that Dr. James’ sacrifices for the Christian community will always be remembered. Dr. James always tried to highlight positive impact of Pakistan to the entire world as a Pakistani.

The members of youth council belonging to different sects on the platform of Faces Pakistan presented a skit on the theme of man and animal, in which various animals showed that seeing the cruelty of humans on each other day by day, the animals appealed that humans should behave like Human and promote humanity while the audience applauded the performance of Youth Council. Dr. James Shier thanked all the people for their love and said that this day will be a memorable day in his life.

Dr. James emphasized that the rights of all the people living in Pakistan are equal as the Quaid-e-Azam had made clear in his speech of 11 August. Emphasizing the importance of education, he said that we all have to make promote education for all and no religion should interfere in it while 98 percent Muslim students are studying in FC College, which is a great example. Addressing the event, other speakers also paid tribute to the services of Dr. James and expressed the commitment that we all must first try to understand humanity, then the rights of those living around us can be ensured. the participants showed proof of their patriotism by waving the Pakistani flag on the tune of Hum Ek Hain under the shadow of this flag, while special prayers were offered for the integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan. At the end of the ceremony, Dr. James Shera was awarded with a special shield. Chairman Kul Masalik Board Maulana Asim Makhdoom, Pastor Amjad Niamat, Pastor Ibrahim Daniel, Kalyan Singh, Peter Jacob, Dr. David Sohail, Mufti Ashiq Hussain, Syed Mahmood Ghaznavi, Professor Sohail Raza, members of Faces Pakistan Youth Council, various moderators and Salvation Army Chief Colonel Safdar along with his team participated were present in the ceremony.

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