Unlike other countries of world, inflation is increasing in Pakistan, Economy Watch


Karachi: Executive Director of Pakistan Economy Watch, Saifuddin Sheikh, has said that inflation is decreasing in dozens of countries, but it is increasing continuously in Pakistan and there is no possibility of a decrease in it. In addition, all the resources are being spent on the welfare of the elite, so poverty is increasing and the middle class is rapidly disappearing. benefits but the burden on the public increases.

In a statement issued here, Saifuddin Sheikh said that the price of flour, meat, rice, chicken and sugar along with other items in the country is continuously increasing because these items are not only being exported but their smuggling is also on the rise. Is .

Politicians and other powerful circles consider it their duty to loot the country’s resources and to pay taxes as an insult, while many businessmen also prefer to get subsidies and packages through various pretexts instead of competing in the international market and when they have black money. If there is too much, then they get the government to announce an amnesty scheme

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