Punjab job center registers more than 140,000 employees and 29,000 employers


The Punjab job center has registered 140,000 employees and 29,000 employers.

This accomplishment highlights the positive impact the center is making in facilitating job opportunities and fostering economic growth.

For job seekers, the center can be a valuable resource, providing a platform to connect with potential employers and access a wide range of job listings.

On the other hand, for businesses and employers, the center can serve as a hub for talent acquisition.

With a pool of 140,000 registered employees, companies can find suitable candidates for their job openings more efficiently. Punjab job center contributes to the growth and development of both job seekers and businesses in the region, fostering a thriving job market.

In his remarks, PITB Chairman Faisal Yousaf said that the establishment of Job Center is an important step towards guiding the youth and facilitating in finding employment, which will benefit not only the industry but also the employers.

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