Price is sky high : Gas missing in different areas of Karachi


Karachi: Gas crisis in different areas of the city while water supply and sewage problems have intensified in different areas of every city.

According to reports, gas supply has been suspended in various areas of PIB Colony for the past several days, due to which the residents are facing severe problems.

Residents Umar, Aftab, Mohammad Saif said that due to water in the gas lines, supply is not coming to the area for the past several days.

Residents of the area say that in this period of inflation, there is no gas in the morning, noon and night, they have to bear additional expenses for buying food from hotels. They appealed to the SSGC authorities to restore the supply immediately.

On the other hand, a public protest was recorded in Allahwali Chowrangi New Karachi against the anti-people policies of electricity, illegal billing of gas, increase in petroleum products and the incompetence of the municipal administration. Union Federation of Pakistan, Home Based Women Worker Federation of Pakistan, Sight Labor Forum and Alternative Group participated. Addressing the protest demonstration, citizens, leaders of Awami Mahaz Riaz Abbasi, Gul Rehman, Aqib Hussain, Home Based Women Worker Federation Saira, Feroze, Faiza. Siddiqui – Waqas Qureshi, Muhammad Kashif, Bilawal, Shehzad Mughal, Hemat Ali, Sara Khan, Nooruddin, Iqbal Abro, Bilawal and other social and political personalities from Alternative said that the impact of rising inflation is affecting men, but also women. They are very affected by this crisis. The salary announced by the government is 32 thousand which no one is getting. A person who lives in a rented house will pay house rent, take ration and pay school fees of children in these thirty two thousand. In these conditions, not only life is difficult, but death is also difficult. Inflation rate is more than 40% while wages have decreased by 60%. Due to the imposition of new taxes and the withdrawal of state subsidies, basic necessities like food, medicine, electricity, gas have become beyond the reach of ordinary citizens. The World Bank’s demand for tax from 50,000 income earners is equivalent to economic terrorism. In the protest, it was demanded that the work of drains and strakes in Allahwali Chowrangi New Karachi should be completed soon, taxes on electricity should be abolished, water supply should be made possible, petrol prices should be reduced, taxes should be abolished. K Electric should be taken into the custody of the city government immediately.

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