Pakistan’s trade deficit narrowed to $5.29 billion


Karachi: A report on trade deficit has stated that the crackdown on dollar hoarders, reduction in imports and administrative control have started having positive effects on the country’s economy.

Pakistan’s trade deficit has reduced from $42.25 billion to $5.29 billion.

During the month of September last year, the same trade deficit was recorded as high as 9.16 billion dollars. This year, instead of imports, exports have been more and the country’s financial deficit has been clearly reduced.

According to a document related to the trade deficit, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics has also confirmed a reduction in the fiscal deficit due to balance in exports and imports.

According to the documents, the country’s trade deficit in September this year decreased by about 48 percent to $1.489 billion, which was $2.856 billion in September last year. Be limited to $2.44 billion. Imports this September decreased by 25.5 percent to $3.95 billion, which was recorded at $5.29 billion in September 2022. On a monthly basis, the deficit narrowed by 31.5 percent compared to $2.16 billion in August this year. Experts The economy says that due to the crackdown on dollar hoarders at the government level and transparency in the FBR system, the burden on the country’s economy is gradually reducing. Control and stability in the country’s economy will be created. The deficit has decreased by about 48 percent to 1.489 billion dollars, which was 2.856 billion dollars in September last year. capped at $2.44 billion.

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