MD Site Limited Ghazanfar Qadri took charge of the post


KARACHI: MD Site Limited Ghazanfar Ali Qadri took charge of his post. MD Site Limited Ghazanfar Ali Qadri suddenly visited various offices of Site Limited on Wednesday and sought an explanation from the absent officers.

MD Site Limited Ghazanfar Ali Qadri received the appointment permit in the institution last week after which he held introductory meetings regarding the performance of various departments of Site Limited.

MD Site Limited Ghazanfar Ali Qadri visited the departments on Wednesday and reviewed the performance and issued orders on the occasion.

I directed to ensure attendance and said that the duties should be performed with full integrity, negligence and carelessness will not be tolerated.

Addressing members of the Site Association of Industry, he said the Site Limited is exploring multiple avenues and out of the box solutions to tackle issues of debris, garbage and general upkeep of the industrial estate.

The Site managing director appreciated the cooperation and support extended to him and his organisation by SAI and looked forward to continuation of the same.

Both parties agreed that with the current level of efforts and mutual understanding, the Site area could soon be restored to its classification as a model industrial estate.

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