Issues of industrialists being resolved on priority basis by caretaker govt: Gohar Ejaz


Caretaker Federal Minister for Commerce, Industries and Production Dr. Gohar Ejaz says .

While holding a joint press conference along with Federal Minister for Energy Muhammad Ali and President Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kashif Anwar at LCCI in Lahore today, he said that trades and industrialists are the backbone of the country’s economy and can play a vital role in improving the economy.

He said that there is a dire need to increase the country’s exports as an export-led economy is the only viable solution for the progress, development and prosperity of the country.

He said that with prudent government efforts and policies, the value of the dollar has decreased in the open market.

He said that the traders should not panic in the current situation.

Speaking on the occasion, the Federal Minister for Energy Muhammad Ali said that we have to rationalize gas prices, and this issue will be resolved soon. 

He clarified that gas prices in the north will not be increased, while there will be a somewhat increase in prices in the south. He said that we will soon announce changes in gas prices.

He said that we are taking all-out measures so that the burden cannot be placed on the weaker segment of society. He said that we are taking measures to ensure there will no shortage of gas.

He said that the caretaker government is unable to subsidize electricity as we are in the International Monetary Fund IMF program.

He said that we are taking strict measures against electricity thieves.

Muhammad Ali said that we have recovered six billion rupees in power pilferage.

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