Increase in profits of oil companies and dealers, people deprived of full relief on petrol prices


Islamabad: The government has increased the margin on petrol and diesel by 88 paise per litre, due to which the people could not get complete relief on petroleum products.

According to sources, the margin of oil companies and dealers on petrol and diesel has been further increased by the government.

The margin on petrol and diesel was further increased by 88 paise per litre.

The companies’ margin on petrol has increased from Rs 6.47 to Rs 6.94 per litre.

While the dealers’ margin on both petrol and diesel has increased from Rs 7.41 to Rs 7.82 per litre. Remember that the government has announced a reduction in the prices of petroleum products, the price has been reduced by Rs 8 per litre, the new price is Rs 323. Rs 38 paise per litre, diesel price has been reduced by Rs 11 per litre, high speed diesel price has been set at Rs 318 18 paise per litre. Describing the price reduction as insufficient. The caretaker federal government has reduced the price by 8 rupees, with which the public is unhappy. There is no benefit in reducing the rupee by 8 rupees, it will not reduce the inflation. On the other hand, the Ministry of Finance has said that the price of petroleum products in the world market will decrease and the value of the rupee will improve. Due to this, it was decided to reduce the prices of petroleum products. The Ministry of Finance said that the levy of 60 rupees on petroleum and 50 rupees per liter on diesel was maintained.

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